Introducing Our New Head Chef Jason Jacobson

Jason has 30+ years in the restaurant industry under his belt including: Head Chef at Sunsets in Wayzata, Hazellewood Grill & Taproom, Copper Blue, and Chef de Cuisine at Redstone. 

He has a strong love of traditional American cuisine but with a modern twist. His values of impeccable quality, local sourcing, and “out of the box” creativity are clearly reflected in the new Spring/Summer Menu here at Lola’s Lakehouse. 

Freshly Caught Seafood

Fresh Seafood isn’t just for the Coast!

As as we dine enjoying the view of a water based ecosystem, we know the value of sustainability and responsible fishing. We source the freshest products, with this impeccable standard in mind. 

Hand Cut Beef

Taste the Difference

Now serving a cut above the rest. All of our house steaks are hand cut Angus USDA Choice Certified Beef. Chef paired seasonings and sauces accompany each dish to maximize flavor. Taste the difference at Lola’s today because we love our beef just as much as you do.  

Fresh Fired Pizza

Hot + Cheesy + Fresh 

from our oven

Everyone has their opinion on what type of pizza is best. Here at Lola’s we aim to please. We have two crusts available: our “regular” house-made pizza crust, or our crispy flatbread. But regardless of your preferred crust, we believe fresh baked in a traditional style pizza oven is the only way to go. Rich smoke flavors your pizza as the flames crisp any crust to perfection.

Casual Eats

Not Just Fine Dining

At Lola’s, we pride ourselves at having something for everyone. We have increased our more casual dining options available at all times of the day! Whether you are in the mood for a fresh summer inspired salad, juicy burger, or just to snack on an app with a craft cocktail in hand… Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

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